Charleston, West Virginia

Prayers for Vocations

Prayer for the Perseverance of Vocations

O God, You have constituted Your only-begotten Son supreme and eternal Priest for the glory of Your majesty and the salvation of mankind: grant that those whom He has chosen ministers and dispensers of His mysteries may be found faithful in fulfilling the ministry they have received.

Serran Prayer for Vocations

O God, Who wills not the death of a sinner, but rather that he be converted and live, grant we beseech you, through the intercession of the Blessed Mary ever Virgin, Saint Joseph, her spouse, Saint Junipero Serra, and all the saints, an increase of laborers for Your church, fellow laborers with Christ to spend and consume themselves for souls, through the same Jesus Christ Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God forever, and ever. Amen.

Prayer for Vocations

Holy Father, look upon this humanity of ours, that is taking its first steps along the path of the Third Millenium.

Its life is still deeply marked by hatred, violence, and oppression, but the thirst for justice, truth, and grace still finds a space in the hearts of many people, who are waiting for someone to bring salvation enacted by You through Your Son Jesus.

There is need for courageous heralds of the Gospel, for generous servants of suffering humanity. Send holy priests to Your Church, we pray, who may sanctify Your people with the tools of Your grace.

Send numerous consecrated men and women, that they may show Your holiness in the midst of the world.

Send holy laborers into Your vineyard, that they may labor with the fervor of charity and, moved by Your Holy Spirit, may bring the salvation of Christ to the farthest ends of the Earth. Amen.

May the Lord of the harvest provide many holy priestly and religious vocations for His Church! — Pope Saint John Paul II